The Spinning Easter Egg Decorator – An egg decorating kit that lets your family easily create uniquely colored eggs

You want to decorate your own Easter Egg? Use the Spinning Easter Egg Decorator —[VIDEO]—, a complete egg decorating kit that allows you and your family to create and design colored eggs at home to make it look unique every time.

Better than ordinary Easter egg decorating device out there like stickers or even those single-use dyes that only provides limited options, this kit allows kids to make their very own pattern and unique designs easily.

The Spinning Easter Egg Decorator

The Spinning Easter Egg Decorator

Thanks to the kit’s spinning feature, coloring Easter eggs is as easy as putting the hard-boiled egg into the kit, let it spin, grab the included marker and you’re good to go decorating your very own festive design.

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The Spinning Easter Egg Decorator 1

The Spinning Easter Egg Decorator already includes 8 markers so kids can start creating their custom design, just don’t forget to include batteries though so eggs can start spinning. Perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above and only weighs 1lbs.

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