The Speed Sensing Pitching Trainer – With speed detector to help kids hone their pitching skills

The Speed Sensing Pitching Trainer —[SOURCE]— is perfect for helping wannabe baseball player to hone their skills simply by practicing and developing their pitching speed right at their very own baseball backyard.

This pitching trainer is capable of catching, rebounding and detecting ball speed just enough to help baseball fanatics to develop their all-star baseball abilities without any help from professional baseball players.

The Speed Sensing Pitching Trainer

The Speed Sensing Pitching Trainer

The trainer’s easy to setup yet sturdy metal tube frame allows pitchers to strike any time and because it can provide a 13×16 inches of catcher, catching balls on the other side will not be a problem while its 52×30 inches rebounding net on the other hand will allow baseball wannabes to practice their catching skills.

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The Speed Sensing Pitching Trainer 1

The Speed Sensing Pitching Trainer is also equipped with speed detector right at the its included tripod located right behind the net and is capable of registering the speed of every pitches in miles per hour. Its included digital display on the other hand allows your kids to easily read their pitching speed or better yet, you can let it speak your speed via voice from its included speaker. Want to practice your baseball bat swing? How about practice your soccer kick, hockey slapshot or tennis serve?

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