The Space Ship Playset – sends young imaginations off on exciting interplanetary voyages

The Space Ship Playset [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to providing your kids with some fun interplanetary trip but at the same time the perfect toy for kids who loves to explore their creative imaginations.

This award winning rocket playset stands at about 29 inches tall and has 20 pieces of open sided design partnered with 4 stages including its mission control area, laboratory, quarters and a lot more.

The Space Ship Playset

The Space Ship Playset

This playset even includes an elevator design to help the ship’s crew move from different floors using its included hand-turned lifting device.

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The Space Ship Playset 1

The Space Ship Playset is constructed using a sturdy hardwood construction material and is brightly painted using non-toxic paint and best of all, it already includes an astronaut crew and a miniature alien. Perfect for kids ages 3 and above.

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