The Sound Activated Sleep Sounds Owl – detects the sounds of a restless child and automatically generates lullabies

The Sound Activated Sleep Sounds Owl is unique because it uses an audio sensor capable of detecting any sound from a restless kid to automatically provide lullabies to help kids fall asleep.

This flush owl is unique because it also closes eyes yet vigilant enough that even the slightest noise from your kids will be heard without any problem, thanks to its awesome sensor equipped with 3 different levels of sensitivity, accommodating different types of noise will not be a problem.

Sound Activated Sleep Sounds Owl

The Sound Activated Sleep Sounds Owl

This owl is capable of playing 8 different relaxing sounds like a mother’s heartbeat, ocean surf, spring water or even the sound of a whale song, it even comes with 4 different lullaby sounds so parents can select whatever sound needed for their children to help sleep.

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Sound Activated Sleep Sounds Owl1

The Sound Activated Sleep Sound Owl already comes with a sleep timer and can be attached easily to a kid’s crib, car or even to the kid’s favorite stroller and best of all, it comes with an easy to use hook and loop fasteners. Weighs only 1lb and only measures 9.5×7.5×7 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the flush owl for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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