The Self Propelled RC Skateboard – A remote-control electric skateboard that accelerates to a top speed of 12 mph

The Self Propelled RC Skateboard [SOURCE] is not just capable of accelerating up to 12mph speed but is also capable of propelling riders over smooth terrain or even uphill.

Thanks to its included remote control partnered with a powerful 500watt motor, providing enough horsepower in any type of skateboard surface is now possible, simply use the handheld wireless remote control joystick to move forward and you’re good to go.

The Self Propelled RC Skateboard

The Self Propelled RC Skateboard

This remote control electric skateboard is also capable of moving backward, simply flip the switch and you can start accelerating backwards.

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The Self Propelled RC Skateboard uses 5 layer maple deck, polyurethane wheels and a non-skid textured surface for that reliable skateboarding every time and best of all, the included rechargeable battery provides the user up to 6 miles of skateboarding operation. Perfect for kids ages 13 years old and above.

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