The Segway Hybrid Hoverboard – A personal transporter with easy-balancing feature

The Segway Hybrid Hoverboard [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to steering but is also perfect for kids who want to have their very own personal transporter that is very easy to use and comes with an easy-balancing feature using a patented ergonomic knee rest.

Unlike ordinary flat hoverboard out there that rely only on gyroscopic sensor without using any device for stability, this personal hoverboard is very safe partnered with polyurethane padded knee rest capable of assisting in maintaining perfect balance while at the same time improving steering maneuverability.

The Segway Hybrid Hoverboard

The Segway Hybrid Hoverboard

This hybrid hoverboard work simply by pressing knees against its adjustable steering bar enabling the owner to propel the hoverboard left to right, forward and backward and even performing some 360 degrees spins, just stand up straight to confidently stop at any time.

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The Segway Hybrid Hoverboard 1

The Segway Hybrid Hoverboard uses a powerful 800watt electric motor partnered with pneumatic tires capable of propelling to a maximum speed of up to 10mph while its sturdy yet comfortable electrical power train will allow the rider to easily climb inclines of up to 15 degrees and best of all, it already comes with a smartphone application compatible with Android and iOS devices where owners can easily and remotely control the transporter, view performance dashboard, power its included LED lights and even activate security alarm.

This personal hoverboard is capable of traveling up to 14 miles when fully charged for 4hrs using its included AC adapter.

Watch the hybrid hoverboard in action [HERE].