The Saturn See-Saw – provides children with interplanetary fun as they rock, bounce, and climb

The Saturn See-Saw (currently taking orders here) is your kids perfect inflatable rocker simply because it can provide them with hours of fun rocking, bouncing and even climbing right at their very own backyard.

Thanks to this inflatable see-saw, providing your kids with some interplanetary entertainment as they climb, rock or even bounce with this sturdy see-saw will not be a problem.

Saturn See-Saw

The Saturn See-Saw

This Saturn rocker is capable of supporting kids up to 250lbs and because it is made with sturdy PVC, withstanding the rigors of fun time as kids jumps, rock and climb the 6th planet from the sun will be more exciting.

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Saturn See-Saw1

This inflatable Saturn See-Saw is very easy to inflate and even deflate because it already comes with a 2-stage valve and best of all, it comes with 6 easy to use handles so kids can maintain the perfect balance every time. Repair kit also included and is perfect for kids ages 5 years old and above. Weighs only 23lbs.

You can buy the inflatable see-saw for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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