The Robot Building 3D Pen – draws mid-air in three dimensions to create robots with actual moving parts

The Robot Building 3D Pen [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to drawing mid-air 3Ds in order to make a robots complete with moving parts and is perfect for STEM learning.

This 3D pen already includes an easy to follow manual for guiding young engineers on how to make a six-legged insect robot or even those hopping frog out there.

The Robot Building 3D Pen

The Robot Building 3D Pen

This award winning pen even allows your kids to create and design their very own robot out of their imagination and because this pen heats up easily and extrudes a special plastic that hardens quickly, making their own creatures without worrying about sticky residue will not be a problem.

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The Robot Building 3D Pen 1

The Robot Building 3D Pen already comes with 96 colored plastic strands, 2 robotic-themed doodle blocks, 5 doodle sheets and a battery powered motor enough to have a fun 3D doodling for up to 120 minutes time.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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