The Ride On Double Digger – An easy to use Backhoe and Loader Ride on Toy for kids

The Ride On Double Digger [SOURCE] is a pedal powered backhoe and loader ride uniquely designed so kids will experience how a construction worker work on digging and loading sand right at their very own backyard.

This ride on double digger is very easy to control and is just perfect for small kids ages 3 and above who wants to imitate the push and pull construction work, things like digging holes for building foundation or just plainly clear any dirt from an excavation project.

The Ride On Double Digger

The Ride On Double Digger

The ride on digger and loader is constructed using a sturdy resin frame while its integrated steering wheels, sturdy pedal and an over-sized yet durable rubberized treads are just ideal for digging on any kind of work environment including grass, sand or concrete roadways.

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The Ride On Double Digger 2

This ride on toy already comes with a sturdy kickstand so small operators can confidently work around while its uniquely designed drive system will definitely make sure small legs won’t get caught while pedaling around.

Check the rest of the features [HERE] or visit the [PRODUCT PAGE] to read what others are saying about the Ride On double Digger.

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