The Ride On BMW X5 – the electric ride-on that faithfully reproduces the style of a BMW X5 SUV

The Ride On BMW X5 is your kids perfect electric ride-on simply because it is equipped with unique features like radiator grill and even its hood ornamentation to make it look authentic just like the style of the popular SVU BMW X5.

This authentic reproduction of BMW ride is powered by a 12v battery designed to help propel the vehicle lovers out there to move forward and backward at speed of up to 4.7mph, enough to let them roam around in luxury.

BMW X5 electric ride-on

This BMW electric ride-on even comes with a working LED lights, horn, doors and even allows ride-on fanatics to play their favorite music on their smartphone via Bluetooth or through its integrated MP3 player port for that relaxing and comfortable ride every time.

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Ride On BMW X51

This BMW Electric Ride-On can handle riders up to 65lbs safely because it has integrated seatbelt and unique braking system and best of all, it also includes a remote control so parents can conveniently control the vehicle anytime just perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above. Measures only 52.5x27x23.5 inches in length, width and height respectively and only weighs 57lbs.

You can buy the BMW X5 electric ride-on for only $379.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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