The Ride On BMW Police Motorcycle – Your kids ride-on modeled after a BMW authority motorcycle

You want to provide your wannabe policeman with their very own motorcycle so they can start chasing bad guys? Give them the Ride On BMW Police Motorcycle, a BMW authority ride-on motorcycle capable of running at 4mph. —[SOURCE]—

Perfect for kids who wants to play, protect and even serve their neighborhood, this ride-on police motorcycle even includes an integrated rechargeable battery capable of powering up its 12v electric motor.

The Ride On BMW Police Motorcycle

The Ride On BMW Police Motorcycle

This police motorcycle for kids runs smoothly on patios, driveways and even sidewalks, simply use the foot-throttle and allow them to speed up the ride-on motorcycle for up to 4mph without any problem.

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The Ride On BMW Police Motorcycle 1

The Ride On BMW Police Motorcycle also features a working siren and lights, it even comes with an integrated speaker so kids will enjoy riding around complete with police siren just like the real police motorcycle and best of all, it can provide of up to 90min. of chasing down bad guys when fully charged using its included AC adapter. Weighs only 44lbs.

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