The Remote Control Surfer – with self-correcting feature to keep the surfer safe and level every time

The Remote Control Surfer —[SOURCE]— is perfect when it comes to conquering waves, thanks to its self-correcting feature, keeping the surfer safe and level while enjoying the waves is now possible every time.

This RC surfer is capable of moving at speed of up to 15mph and already includes a 2.4ghz remote control capable of operating from a 150 feet range enough to enable the owner to easily direct the surfer forward and backward and even controlling left and right at 2 different speeds.

The Remote Control Surfer

The Remote Control Surfer

This surfer operates up to 12min of surfing time after a 3 hour of charging using its included AC adapter and best of all, it only measures 163/4×33/4×81/4 in length, width and height.

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The Remote Control Surfer 1

The Remote Control Surfer is perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above and only weighs 16oz.

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