The Red Baron Pedal Biplane – A classic-style pedal plane inspired by the iconic Murray ‘Silver Pursuit’ from 1940s

Looking for a nice pedal plane for your kids? Give them the Red Baron Pedal Biplane [SOURCE], a classic style toy aircraft constructed uniquely using an all-metal fuselage and wings partnered with a nice chrome finish propeller that spins smoothly as your kids pedal around.

The Red Baron Pedal Biplane

The Red Baron Pedal Biplane

The Red Baron Pedal Biplane also features a solid rubber tires partnered with 8 inches diameter metal wheels for that smooth ride at the driveways or over sidewalks.

The Red Baron Pedal Biplane 1

This pedal biplane even comes with a sealed ball bearing so kids won’t get tangled as they search for enemy aircraft outside and best of all, its beautifully finished red powder coating partnered with classic style graphics will shine for year and will endure no matter how hard aerial combat your kids will focus to.

Other important feature includes a nicely polished metal steering wheel, wheel cover, padded seat and more.

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  1. Hola , buenas noches , un lujo el biplano del baron rojo , lo felicito , quiero comprar dos por favor para mis hijos , me comunico desde argentina , muchas gracias , saludos cordiales .

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