The RC Stunt Monster Truck – four-wheel drive monster stunt truck that conquers any terrain

The RC Stunt Monster Truck [SOURCE] is a 4 wheel drive remote controlled stunt truck capable of conquering almost any type of terrain.

This 1:18 scale stunt monster truck is not just unique because of its rugged looks but at the same time has the capability to tear a path even through sand, water, snow, grass or mud while doing some 360 degrees stunts.

The RC Stunt Monster Truck

The RC Stunt Monster Truck

This remote control monster truck is equipped with 4 pneumatic 7 inches diameter tires enough to climb curbs, jumping off ramps and even driving down staircases.

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The RC Stunt Monster Truck already includes a dual throttle radio frequency remote capable of providing optimal control even on sudden stops, turns and starts and best of all, its included rechargeable battery provides the owner for up to 12min. of fun operation from a single 4-hour charge using its included adapter.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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