The RC Steam Breathing Egg Laying T-Rex – a remote controlled Tyrannosaurus rex that walks, breathes steam, and lays eggs at your command

The RC Steam Breathing Egg Laying T-Rex (available here) is your kids perfect remote controlled T-Rex simply because besides the Tyrannosaurus rex’s egg laying function, it is also capable of breathing steam.

Thanks to this uniquely designed Jurassic predator, walking, breathing steam and even laying eggs will surely make every kid happy every time they want to play with the remote controlled T-Rex.

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RC Steam Breathing Egg Laying T-Rex

The RC Steam Breathing Egg Laying T-Rex

This dangerous RC Tyrannosaurus Rex is capable of leaving up to 3 dino eggs behind and of course defends very well all of her offspring without any problem using Rex’s fire-breathing function partnered with an aggressive growl to keep egg hunters away.

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RC Steam Breathing Egg Laying T-Rex1

This RC Egg Laying T-Rex already comes with a remote control so kids can operate the dino just within their line of sight, perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above. Just add some batteries and you’re good to go.

You can buy the walking and fire-breathing remote controlled t-rex for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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