The RC Speedboat Water Raceway – Allows kids to steer their own remote-controlled speedboat around an aquatic circuit

The RC Speedboat Water Raceway [SOURCE] is already equipped with all the necessary tools to provide young racers to enjoy speedboat racing right into the included inflatable water raceway of course with their friends.

This water raceway for speedboats already includes an easy to inflate huge racecourse perfect for providing speedboat fanatics with some remote control speedboat steering, thanks to its uniquely designed aquatic circuit together with its 5 feet long by 2 1/4 racecourse and 4.5 inches long speedboats, enabling some tight turns towards its central island and volcano strait, is now more fun and entertaining.

The RC Speedboat Water Raceway

The RC Speedboat Water Raceway

The speedboat’s twin propellers where kids can easily control using the included radio transmitter will allow them to move from left to right, forward and backward just enough to give them power to move specially at the narrow strait.

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The RC Speedboat Water Raceway allows young racers to match against each other for up to 2 minutes of fun racing from a 30-min charge using its included battery packs while its sturdy racecourse that is constructed using a durable PVC will allow the owner to easily empty water using twin drain plugs.

Watch the speedboats in action [HERE].