The RC Mouse Catching Anaconda – the set of remote controlled animals that encourages kids to engage in an action-packed game of chase

The RC Mouse Catching Anaconda is a set of RC animals that will allow kids to engage in a game of chase. (Available Here for only $59.95)

Ideal for siblings or your kid’s friends who love to play action-packed chasing games, kids will simply control the included anaconda while the other kid operates the included tiny mouse, trying to avoid capture.

RC Mouse Catching Anaconda

The RC Mouse Catching Anaconda

The included Anaconda is unique because it can wiggle side to side, thanks to its included wheels, moving forward and turning from left to right with its tongue coming in and out of the Anaconda’s mouth will definitely add some fun and excitement every time.

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RC Mouse Catching Anaconda 2

The included mouse on the other hand runs quickly, spinning and attempting to out-manuever the big mouth of the snake and best of all, this set of remote controlled animals already includes an easy to use remote just perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above.

You can buy these remote controlled animals for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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