The RC Mario Kart Racers – A 12mph remote controlled carts designed for Super Mario fanatics

The RC Mario Kart Racers

The RC Mario Kart Racers

Looking for an RC car for your kids? Give them the RC Mario Kart Racers [SOURCE], a remote controlled racing carts designed for not just RC lovers but at the same time Mario Video fanatics who just can’t wait to relive the life of their favorite video games right into their favorite remote control car.

The RC Mario Kart Racers 1

The RC Mario Kart Racers allows kids to travel in speed of up to 12mph, thanks to the carts easy to drive and carefully detailed body that are almost 2 feet long while its included joystick allows young racers to steer the remote control racers from side to side, forward and of course backward.

The RC Mario Kart Racers 2

These Mario Kart racers already includes Mario and Yoshi characters, a real pneumatic tires, front and rear suspension and a rechargeable li-ion batteries that is capable of running for 40min. straight when fully charged.

These RC Mario Kart Racers are perfect for kids ages 6 and above and already includes an AC adapter and some triple-a batteries.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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