The RC Hovering Jump Jet – Your kids remote control fighter jet capable of hovering in mid-air

Is your remote controlled fighter jet capable of hovering in mid-air, perform vertical takeoff or even land just like a real jump jet? Check the RC Hovering Jump Jet [SOURCE], a battle ready jet packed with extra wings that act as stabilizers partnered with an integrated gyroscope so kids can perfectly control the fighter jet steadily above the ground.

The RC Hovering Jump Jet’s included remote control allows kids to pilot the RC hovering Jump Jet on the ground guiding it to climb up in mid-air, go down, rotate and even fly forward and backward without any problem.

The RC Hovering Jump Jet

The RC Hovering Jump Jet

This remote control fighter jet is capable of reaching a cruising height of up to 100 feet while its unique landing wheels allows young pilots to takeoff or land easily anytime.

The RC Hovering Jump Jet 1

This remote control hoverjet already includes a lithium polymer battery capable of providing up to 8 minutes of air action with just a matter of 40min. charging using its included adapter.

The RC Hovering Jump Jet 2

This RC hover jet is perfect for kids ages 14 and above and requires 6 double-a batteries for the remote control.

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