The RC Girl Scout Jeep Wrangler – a remote controlled toy that a Girl Scout can customize to suit her style

The RC Girl Scout Jeep Wrangler (available here) is your little girl scout’s perfect jeep toy simply because it allows them to customize the look of the vehicle just to give the wrangler that funky look and at the same time provide them the perfect ride every time they roam around.

Thanks to this uniquely designed remote controlled jeep wrangler equipped with sturdy body construction and oversized tires partnered with a unique roll bar and front grill complete with rear-mounted spare, enjoying the jeep wrangler by moving from left to right and forward and backward will be more responsive and fun to be with every time.

RC Girl Scout Jeep Wrangler

The RC Girl Scout Jeep Wrangler

Equipped with other unique features like licensed stickers, themed icons and more for customizing the jeep’s look, this RC Wrangler also comes with a powerful radio remote so kids as well as parents can control the vehicle even from 100 feet away even in turbo mode.

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RC Girl Scout Jeep Wrangler1

This 1:16 scale remote-controlled Jeep Wrangler has a cabin so kids can bring with them their favorite doll they embark on a pretend off-roading adventure and best of all, it only weighs 2lbs and measures 12×6.5×8 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy this remote-controlled jeep wrangler for only $24.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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