The RC Flying Battle Bots – Your kids remote controlled robots capable of firing in midair in order to take down the opponent

Looking for a remote control robot capable of flying in midair? How about a pair of them that can fire a laser in order to take down one of them? Try the RC Flying Battle Bots [SOURCE], an easy to control combat robots capable of flying up or down and from left to right ready to take down any opponent simply by firing an infrared laser.

The RC Flying Battle Bots

The RC Flying Battle Bots

The RC Flying Battle Bots is guided by a uniquely designed remote control and is powered by a counter rotating rotors. These flying robots even come with an infrared laser located at the robots front body which can be used to target an opponent.

The RC Flying Battle Bots 2

Each flying robot comes equipped with a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 10min. of combat duels, just don’t forget to recharge the batteries though using its included AC adapter before attempting to wing an opponent.

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