The RC Bowser Racer – Allows young racing fanatics to reenact the competition against Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom

The RC Bowser Racer is a remote controlled racing car capable of reaching speed of up to 13mph just perfect for kids who wants to reenact the racing competition against Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The RC Bowser Racer

The RC Bowser Racer

This remote controlled vehicle is equipped with an easy to use joystick where kids can operate the RC go-cart side-to-side, backward and forward and of course turning around without any problem, thanks to this uniquely designed RC Bowser already packed with real pneumatic tires partnered with sturdy front and rear suspension to make sure kids can precisely handle the fun of racing around.

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The RC Bowser Racer 1

This RC Cart is capable of racing for up to 40min. of racing around on a full charge, thanks to the cart’s built-in rechargeable battery partnered with an AC adapter, charging and then racing around with Mario Kart or other remote control car is now more fun and entertaining.

The RC Bowser Racer’s include remote already comes with 2 triple-a battery and is perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above.

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