The RC 6 x 6 Off Road Racer – An all-terrain vehicle that conquers asphalt, grass, dirt, and sand

The RC 6 x 6 Off Road Racer is your kids perfect all-terrain RC vehicle simply because this 1:18 scale off road racer is capable of conquering almost any type of environment including asphalt, sand, dirt or even grass.

Thanks to the racer’s oversized rubber tires partnered with an anti collision construction system complete with suspension that absorbs shock anytime anywhere.

RC 6 x 6 Off Road Racer

The RC 6 x 6 Off Road Racer

This remote controlled off road racer is equipped with 2.4ghz radio remote control where owners can easily use it to move the rc racer left and right and even forward and backward from up to 160 feet away.

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RC 6 x 6 Off Road Racer1

This Off Road Racer can be charged using its included USB charger and can provide up to 30min of continuous power when fully charged using USB. Perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above and only measures 15.5 in length.

You can buy the all-terrain off road rc racer for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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