The Putting Pocket Party Game – challenges players to pocket a ball into six holes

The Putting Pocket Party Game —[VIDEO]— is not just unique when it comes to challenging a player to pocket a ball straight into its 6 holes but at the same time unique because this game can be unfold and set up easily on almost any flat area.

Perfect for any lawn, driveway, parking lot or even patio putting pocket game, this model even includes a strip of artificial turf capable of providing unique putting surface partnered with integrated ramp to complete its loft.

The Putting Pocket Party Game

The Putting Pocket Party Game

This putting pocket game has an incline target with 6 holes just perfect for challenging players to precisely aim and of course with accurate pace in order to win a game.

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The Putting Pocket Party Game 1

The Putting Pocket Party Game already comes with 4 golf balls in different colors, a score-keeping application and a collapsible putter and best of all, it is made with weather-resistant and sturdy PVC board so you can enjoy years of game time with your kids and friends at home every time.

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