The Pterodactyl Bow And Arrow Set – the bow shaped like a pterodactyl that shoots foam arrows at pre-historic predators

Kids can now get rid of any pre-historic predators roaming around their backyard using this Pterodactyl Bow and Arrow Set. (Available Here)

Thanks to this uniquely designed bow shaped just like a pterodactyl, shooting foam arrows just to get rid of any predators is now possible without any problem.

Pterodactyl Bow Arrow Set

This bow and arrow set already includes 3 different cutout dinosaur targets including the T-Rex, Triceratops and other space target addons so young wannabe archers can easily aim with the bow and fire.

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Pterodactyl Bow Arrow Set 2

The Pterodactyl Bow and Arrow Set is very easy to use, simply pull back the handle and release to fire the included foam arrow or dart and best of all, it already comes with 6 foam tipped arrows, 20 darts and an ammo holders just perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above.

You can buy this bow and arrow set that shoots foam arrows for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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