The Preschooler’s Puzzle Construction Set – designed for smaller hands to learn and engage in imaginative 2D or 3D play

You want to teach your kids the basics of STEM? Give them the Preschooler’s Puzzle Construction Set. (Currently Taking Orders Here)

This puzzle set is unique and is perfect for small hands who want to develop their imaginative skills in engaging different 2D or 3D play.

Preschooler's Puzzle Construction Set

The Preschooler’s Puzzle Construction Set

Thanks to the included oversize puzzle pieces shaped uniquely just to allow young imaginative minds to connect them in different combinations, a perfect way to teach them the STEM concepts, develop the focus, patience and even their motor skills.

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Preschooler's Puzzle Construction Set 2

The Preschooler’s Puzzle Construction Set already comes with up to 200 puzzle pieces in different colors, it even comes with a tub with lid so kids can keep the puzzle after having fun with their friends at home and best of all, it also includes a guidebook and a free application so kids can explore different building ideas easily. Weighs only 5lbs.

You can buy this puzzle set for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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