The Post Modern Skateboard – a uniquely designed 2 wheels skateboard that allows kids to perform 720 degrees spin and turn on a dime easily

Perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above, the Post Modern Skateboard [SOURCE] allows kids to simply place their feet at the skateboard’s platform and lean side to side to start rotating the wheels around propelling rider forward in winding motion just like a long board skateboarding.

The Post Modern Skateboard

The Post Modern Skateboard

With The Post Modern Skateboard, kids can perform 720 degrees spin and turn on a dime, stopping the skateboard is easy, simply place the toes on the ground and you’re good to go.

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The Post Modern Skateboard 1

This modern skateboard has 10 inches in diameter wheels designed to allow riders to traverse short grass and other surfaces plus it even comes with an extendable rod that can be used to connect both wheels so novice skateboarders will have an stable learning ride every time.

The modern skateboard supports riders up to 200lbs.

Watch the skateboard in action [HERE].

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