The Pop-Up Space Station – A pop-up tent that help kids develop creativity when it comes to exploring the outer space

You want to develop your kids creativity when it comes to exploring the space while at the same time provide them with fun time observing interplanetary missions? Give them the Pop-Up Space Station [SOURCE], a pop-up tent designed for young space explorers made sturdily so it can withstand the vacuum of space and at the same time all the backyard’s coldness.

The Pop-Up Space Station

The Pop-Up Space Station

The Pop-Up Space Station tent has 4 tunnels that reminds young kids of the broad modules of a space station. This pop-up tent has a nice painted viewports, control interfaces, screened ceilings and dome where kids would surely love to explore some imaginative outer space observations.

The Pop-Up Space Station 1

This pop-up tent even comes with unique opening tunnel that allows kids to dock straight into the dome where kids can explore different space commands. This easy to assemble pop-up tent goes up so nicely, thanks to its included sturdy fiberglass poles, keeping your kids busy and watching them exploring different space missions is now possible anytime.

This pop-up space station tent is waterproof and is perfect for kids ages 3 and above.

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