The Pop A Wheelie RC Ducati – A remote-controlled Ducati motorcycle that performs dizzying stunts

The Pop A Wheelie RC Ducati is not just unique when it comes to performing different tricks and perfect maneuvers but at the same time a perfect remote controlled Ducati motorcycle for kids who loves to do some awesome stunts and rc races at speed of up to 72mph.

This RC Ducati motorcycle is equipped with 1:6 scale partnered with unique self-balancing feature so kids doesn’t have to worry about how to get that perfect balance and stability every time they perform dizzying stunts.

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Pop A Wheelie RC Ducati

Pop A Wheelie RC Ducati

This remote controlled Ducati already comes with a 250 feet range remote control equipped with dual throttle operation while its included unique switch for controlling the traction together with a unique drift button will allow your kids to do some flawless stunts every time.

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Pop A Wheelie RC Ducati 1

The Pop A Wheelie RC Ducati also features a detachable rider, display stand and a USB cable for charging the rc motorcycle for full charge so kids can enjoy up to 45 min of non stop operation. Designed for kids ages 14 years old and above and only measures 13 3/4×10.5 inches in length and height.

You can buy the remote controlled Ducati motorcycle for only $169.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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