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The Pool Guarding Gator – A faux alligator that compels unwanted pool visitors to think twice before swimming

You want to add some excitement to your kid’s swimming pool to cause uninvited pool visitors to think deeply before diving? Try the Pool Guarding Gator —[VIDEO]—, a fake alligator designed to provide swimmers with some exciting moment swimming into their favorite pool every time.

This gator is made with durable plastic material partnered with unique texture in order to duplicate the reptile, it even comes with 3 hinged body parts to replicate the alligator’s head, tail and torso.

The Pool Guarding Gator

The Pool Guarding Gator

This pool gator moves and float just like a real gator, it even react to the wind and wave of the swimming pool to imitate those lifelike movements of a true alligator.

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The Pool Guarding Gator 1

The Pool Guarding Gator even features a red LED eyes where kids can set it to remain steady or in flashing red eyes mode, perfect for compelling unwanted visitors to think twice before diving and best of all, it already comes with 2 batteries so kids can start guarding their favorite pool for some unwanted guests. Weighs only 1 3/4lbs.

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