The Plush Racecar Bouncer – A mini trampoline that provides indoor exercise and entertainment for kids

The Plush Racecar Bouncer [SOURCE] is your kids perfect indoor exercise mini trampoline capable of providing hours of entertainment time right at their very own entertainment room, thanks to its uniquely designed plush cover that is uniquely shaped like your kids favorite racecar, enticing your kids to have some fun exercise is now possible and enjoyable.

This mini trampoline for kids not just invites young bouncers to burn some energy simply by jumping and bouncing but at the same time provides some smiling time with their friends, thanks to the racecar bouncer’s unique and practically designed construction system, kids will surely enjoy the day without worrying about your kids safety every time.

The Plush Racecar Bouncer

The Plush Racecar Bouncer

This racecar bouncer is constructed using sturdy steel frame that won’t shake or rock plus it even comes with 30 springs covered carefully to prevent your kids’ foot from slipping through every time they bounce and jump.

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The Plush Racecar bouncer has a flatform that stands at only 8.5 inches off the ground while its padded handlebar will make sure kids will maintain their balance when they jump and bounce and best of all, it already includes a hairy cover decorated with wheels, stripes and big-eye that easily detach to make it your kids lovable pillow.

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