The Pirate Ship Playhouse – Now You Can Give Your Kids Some Pirate Fun Adventure

The Pirate Ship PlayhouseGive your kids some pirate fun adventure right at their very own backyard with This Pirate Ship Playhouse. This waterproof wooden play house is uniquely assembled complete with all the pirate tools so kids can play the role of a dreaded pirate and explore the rich world.

The Pirate Ship Playhouse even comes with a nice looking skeleton, a cannonball hole, a crossed bone at its window pane and a lovely crow’s nest and flag to make the ship’s look more adventurous.

This Pirate Ship also features a nice climbing net and staircase and once your pirate kids aboard, its castle and balcony will definitely give them some hours of fun time.

Thinking of abandoning the ship? No problem, just slide with its corkscrew tunnel and you’re on your way to securing all the treasures you gathered while playing. Cool!

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