The Personalized Sous Chef Play Experience – The complete play kitchen for young gourmets

The Personalized Sous Chef Play Experience [SOURCE] is a complete kitchen playset specially designed for young gourmets who wants to prepare their favorite dish right at their very own play kitchen.

This complete kitchen play set is made with sturdy wood partnered with unique details to make it the best kitchen set to play with realistically, thanks to the playset’s working refrigerator with ice machine, oven or stove with rotating knobs, sink faucets with lever and more.

The Personalized Sous Chef Play Experience

The Personalized Sous Chef Play Experience

This play kitchen even comes with a working door appliances design to accommodate different kitchen items such as frying pan, oven, spatulas, plates, cups and a lot more.

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The Personalized Sous Chef Play Experience 1

The Personalized Sous Chef Play Experience even includes important accessories including an oven mitt, olive oil bottle, salt or pepper shakers, kitchen timers and best of all, its included hat and jacket that can be personalized to include your kid’s name are just some of the reason wannabe chef can’t handle what a pro chef can do.

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