The Personalized Acoustic Ukulele – made with a wood soundboard and acoustically resonant thermoplastic body

Looking for the perfect Ukulele for your kids? Give them the Personalized acoustic ukulele —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed ukulele equipped with acoustically resonant thermoplastic body partnered with wood soundboard so kids can easily lean how to play ukulele.

Handcrafted with laminate top, polycarbonate fingerboard and maple neck, this ukulele even has a full 14 inches long soprano scale and is fine tuned to GCEA with Nyltech strings.


Acoustic Ukulele

This acoustic ukulele even features a generous string spacing complete with 14 frets in order to provide little fingers the perfect handling and chording every time, its easy to use pegs even allows the kids to tune the ukulele smoothly and accurately.

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This Ukulele can be personalized with your kid’s name up to 25 characters, you can even include some message and engrave it around the top and bottom of the sound hole for some personalized message and best of all, it already comes with an electronic tuner, chord chart and soft case so kids can bring it anywhere they go for some jamming with their friends. Weighs only 16oz and is made in the US.

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