The PAW Patrol Is On a Roll Bowling Alley – A 4-feet long bowling alley for PAW Patrol fanatic kids

The PAW Patrol Is On a Roll Bowling Alley [SOURCE] is a 4 feet long bowling alley perfect for kids who are PAW Patrol fanatics.

This bowling alley is very easy to set up and allows young bowlers to roll a ball at 6 pins of course with their favorite animated characters.

The PAW Patrol Is On a Roll Bowling Alley

PAW Patrol Is On a Roll Bowling Alley

So how does it work? Well, when struck, the included pins retract upward or simply activate the integrated lever right on the top of the game to reset it.

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The PAW Patrol Is On a Roll Bowling Alley also includes a net right at the back of the alley designed to catch the ball and sends it back to the bowler using its uniquely designed ramp and best of all, it also includes a sound effects to make bowling the perfect afternoon bowling experience for kids ages 3 and above.

Weighs 63/4lbs and measures only 523/4x15x123/4 inches in length, width and height respectively.

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