The Only Toe Tap Color Illuminating Piano – A floor piano that lights up when kids jumps and dance on the keys

Looking for a unique gift you can give for your kids this Christmas? Give them the Only Toe Tap Color Illuminating Piano, a floor piano equipped with LED lights that when your kids jumps and even dance on it, the keys will not just provide a nice tone but also lights up to add fun on playing piano.

This floor piano when stepped on will bring out harmonic tones partnered with bright colors on its white keys and because it can provide different musical instrument sounds like violin, accordion and even guitar, playing, dancing and even jumping on it will make your kids happy every time.

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Only Toe Tap Color Illuminating Piano

Only Toe Tap Color Illuminating Piano

This color illuminating floor piano has a volume control that owners can easily adjust, it even comes with recording function so kids can compose their own melody and play it back so others can hear it.

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Only Toe Tap Color Illuminating Piano 1

The Only Toe Tap Color Illuminating Piano also allows your kids to connect their favorite gadgets like music players, phones or even a tablet or iPod device so they can play along their favorite songs and best of all, it only weighs 10lbs and only measures 59.5x29x2 inches in width, diameter and height respectively just enough for kids ages 3 years old and above.

You can buy the floor piano for only $159.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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