The Only Surfing Water Slide – An inflatable water slide for kids designed to provide surfing experience right at their very own backyard

Looking for a waterslide that can be put up right on your very own backyard so you can surf to your heart’s content? Get the Only Surfing Water Slide [SOURCE], a 30 feet long backyard waterslide partnered with a nicely designed misting jets located along the wall designed to supply water at the slide’s surface so kids can glide over and have a surfing experience right at their very own backyard.

The Only Surfing Water Slide already includes a 30 inches long padded skimboard made from a sturdy EVA and a 4 feet long padded launch pad so kids can slide in a seated or standing position or even a face-first body slide.

The Only Surfing Water Slide

The Only Surfing Water Slide

This backyard waterslide also features an arched pool noodle complete with 6 spray nozzles built right at the run’s start to provide that waterfall effect and to ensure complete soaking surfing experience.

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This inflatable waterslide is made with durable PVC designed to withstand the bumps and bounces of high-spirited water slide play, just don’t forget to inflate the slide though using your own favorite electric air pump to start surfing.

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