The Obedient Minion Robot – a robot that obeys to your kids hand gestures

The Obedient Minion Robot [SOURCE] is not just perfect when it comes to obeying to the owner’s hand gestures but at the same time unique because this minion robot can spin, entertain or even navigate to a custom path.

Thanks to its included free application that can be installed on your kids favorite tablet or smartphone, allowing the minion robot to roam around your house, dance, guard a room or even entertain your kids with some comedic reactions are just some of the features the obedient robot can do any time.

The Obedient Minion Robot

The Obedient Minion Robot

This minion robot can be paired with another minion robot for some chit-chat entertainment of course using their favorite language, they can also be set to battle each other using their included blasters or even face-off in a contest of head-on collisions.

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The Obedient Minion Robot also features a working eyes and arms and can be easily controlled using the owner’s hand gesture or your kids favorite tablet. Includes 1 robot and needs 4 triple-a batteries. Perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above and only weighs 1lbs.

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