The Musical Whirlygig – An amusement park style Christmas Decoration complete with Christmas tunes and colorful lights show

Looking for some Christmas decors and at the same time add some fun time for your kids this holiday season? Try the Musical Whirlygig [SOURCE], a uniquely created and beautifully painted rotating turbine that act as a perfect addition to your existing Christmas decoration and at the same time a perfect Christmas gift you can give to your kids, simply because this musical whirlygig brings some colorful lights show and an assortment of Christmas tunes to make your Holiday season more festive.

The Musical Whirlygig features an amusement park style scene ride complete with highly structured figurines and moving cars carried around the track and best of all, while the track rotates, a sparkling light show will definitely bring to life the World’s favorite fair right at your very own home.

The Musical Whirlygig

The Musical Whirlygig

This musical whirlygig even comes with a ticket booth, some visitors in petticoats and top hats and lamp posts to make the fairground surrounding more entertaining to the kids.

The hand-painted turbine can be plug into an AC outlet while the medley of 50 familiar Christmas tunes including your favorite silent night makes the scene more attractive to young carolers.

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