The Music Playing And Building Activity Table – with an integrated keyboard, building brick base plate, and storage compartments

The Music Playing and Building Activity Table is a uniquely designed table for kids simply because it already includes everything a child needs to play a keyboard, have fun building bricks and more right on this multipurpose activity table.

This multipurpose activity table already comes with a 37-keys detachable keyboard with adjustable volume and recording function, it even comes with a base table to allow the kids to have fun developing their motor skills simply by engaging in building brick structures.

Music Playing Building Activity Table

The Music Playing And Building Activity Table

This activity table already even includes a nice surface where kids can use for developing their writing skills, play different arts and crafts activities and even use it as a flat surface for eating their favorite snacks.

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Music Playing Building Activity Table1

This Activity Table is also equipped with 2 detachable storage compartments at the table’s side and at the bottom just perfect for storing the included 30 pieces of interlocking building bricks and best of all, it already comes with a chair capable of supporting kids up to 165lbs. Weighs only 12.5lbs and only measures 193/4×18.5×20 inches in height, length and width respectively.

You can buy the multipurpose activity table for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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