The Mouse Master Maze Raceway – enables a child to design a maze and program a pair of robotic mice to race to the end

The Mouse Master Maze Raceway [SOURCE] is unique when it comes to providing kids with fun and entertaining racing activity and at the same time enables them to create their very own maze and even program the mice robot to race to the end.

Complete with 16 board pieces, 3 tunnels and 22 walls, young programmers can assemble large amount of layouts, different levels of difficulty and of course program the path of the robotic mice in order to navigate the raceway properly.

The Mouse Master Maze Raceway

The Mouse Master Maze Raceway

This activity set is perfect for single or multiplayer games plus it even allows your kids to compete with one another or better yet find a nice team in order to conquer the maze.

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The Mouse Master Maze Raceway 1

The Mouse Master Maze Raceway already comes with 2 mice, 10 activity cards, 30 coding cards and a cheese for the included mice. Perfect for kids ages 5 years old and above.

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