The Mount Anywhere Monorail Racer – Allows kids to build unlimited looping courses

The Mount Anywhere Monorail Racer [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to building unlimited amount of looping courses but at the same time allows kids to design their own 20 feet of not just flexible but at the same time colorful race track capable of bending and twisting into almost any type of configurations.

Includes 65 piece set of easy to assemble and connect to almost anywhere like in chairs, doors, beds and even tables, thanks to its included screw clamps, setting up and building racetracks that kids can enjoy racing is now possible anytime anywhere.

The Mount Anywhere Monorail Racer

The Mount Anywhere Monorail Racer

The monorail racer on the other hand can be easily attached to the track and can be easily controlled using its included wireless remote so whether kids sped along hairpin banks, coursing backward and forward or even screaming and dropping along vertical runs, racetrack masterminds will have everything they need to have a fun and entertaining afternoon.

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The Mount Anywhere Monorail Racer already includes a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 20 minutes of fun action and best of all, it also includes with interchangeable body shells so kids can pick whatever mood they want to have every time they step into racing.

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