The Motorized Pool Tube – an inflatable tube that allows kids to maneuver around your pool without paddling

You want to provide your kids with a device that will allow them to navigate around the pool without paddling? Give them the inflatable pool tube, a uniquely designed pool tube capable of allowing pool lovers maneuver around the pool easily without paddling.

Thanks to the tube’s motorized system partnered with easy to use joystick control, kids can now enjoy swimming and at the same time have fun roaming around the pool just like riding a tugboat.

Motorized Pool Tube

Motorized Pool Tube

This inflatable pool tube is unique because it uses the same propeller used in tugboats, kids can easily control the tube to any direction including spinning the pool tube in 360 degrees.

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Motorized Pool Tube 1

The motorized pool tube is designed to support riders up to 250lbs and because it is made with sturdy pvc with sturdy handgrips and cup holders, enjoying pool party with their friends is now possible every time.

You can buy the pool tube for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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