The Motorized 8′ Inflatable Boat – conveys a single passenger via two electric motors for leisurely aquatic recreation

The Motorized Inflatable Boat is an 8 feet long passenger boat equipped with a powerful motor capable of providing a single boat rider to leisurely roam around for some aquatic adventure this summer.

This inflatable boat is very light and can be easily set up, thanks to its portability and unique inflation points, filling the boat with air will not be a problem.

Motorized Inflatable Boat

The Motorized 8′ Inflatable Boat

This motorized single passenger boat already comes with handholds partnered with 2 underwater viewing ports located in the boat’s hull bottom, it even comes with a built-in 24v battery capable of providing up to 2hrs of aquatic recreation power.

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Motorized Inflatable Boat1

The Motorized Boat only measures 8.5×3.5 inches in length and width respectively and only weighs 10lbs. Just perfect for kids and adults alike who want to have some fun this summer.

You can buy the inflatable boat for only $399.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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