The Motion Activated Alarm Bots – robot that patrol an area with a laser trip wire

The Motion Activated Alarm Bots (available here) is not just one of those ordinary toy robots out there where kids can play and have fun because this model is perfect when it comes to patrolling your kids area of responsibility and at the same time alerting them once it detects any movements.

Thanks to this uniquely designed patrol robot equipped with laser trip wire partnered with a unique sensor so it can easily inform its master for any movement simply by flashing bright lights right from the bot’s chest and emitting a siren just to inform them about incoming trespassers.

Motion Activated Alarm Bots

The Motion Activated Alarm Bots

This laser beam bot not just emits siren and flash bright lights but also charges forward straight at the guest to let them know that they’re appearance has been already detected and kids were already notified about.

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Motion Activated Alarm Bots1

This motion activated laser beam bot is perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above and needs at least 3(three) triple-a batteries to start using them.

You can buy this alarm bot for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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