The Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary – A uniquely designed greenhouse that creates a backyard paradise for monarch butterflies

The Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary >>>[SOURCE]<<< is perfect for creating your kids very own backyard paradise specially if they love butterflies simply because this greenhouse is an ideal place for monarch butterflies to lay eggs.

Complete with walls, this butterfly sanctuary also features a raised garden bed, mat of seeds designed for growing milkweed and nectar plants the perfect and most essential food for larvae monarch.

The Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary

The Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary

This greenhouse has a transparent roof made with PVC design to let the sunlight in while of course blocking UV rays partnered with nylon walls made with polyester netting to allow the butterflies coming in and out easily and safely.

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The Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary 1

The Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary can be easily installed on your existing lawn or even on hard surfaces like decks, patios and rooftops and best of all, it is made from recycled plastic and sustainable hardwood fibers.

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