The Mission Possible RC Set – Includes 1 Remote for controlling the Spy Car, Helicopter and Trailer Truck

The Mission Possible RC Set [SOURCE] is perfect for kids who wants to fly a helicopter, drive a truck and even speed up 2 of the fastest spy cars for some special mission of course using only one single remote control.

This remote control vehicle set allows young ops to operate each vehicle one at a time even from 30 feet away just perfect for spying bad guys up the air or doing some road intelligence operation, thanks to its uniquely designed remote control, steering cars and maneuvering helicopters and trailers is now possible with one single remote of course in optimal precision.

The Mission Possible RC Set

The Mission Possible RC Set

This set of remote control vehicle already includes a cable for charging both the heli, truck and the spy cars and is perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above.

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The Mission Possible RC Set only measures 30 3/4 inches x 13 3/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches in length, width and diameter and requires 4 double-a batteries for each car, 6 double-a batteries for the remote control.

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