The Mind Controlled UFO – Uses your kids brain waves to control UFO flights

You want your kids to use their very own brain to remotely control the flight of unidentified flying objects? Give them The Mind Controlled UFO [SOURCE], a device that uses your kids attentive brain waves together with a uniquely designed headband and earlobe clips to control the orb’s flight.

This UFO already includes a downloadable application that is capable of converting any of your favorite Android gadgets or iPhones into a cool remote control, all you need to do is to relax and focus and let the built-in transmitter sends a wireless signal to the UFO.

The Mind Controlled UFO

The Mind Controlled UFO

The included application also provides a nice control panel where you can easily modify the throttle and other settings including the sensitivity of concentration as well as filtering out any interference in the background.

The Mind Controlled UFO also includes a cable for charging both the UFO and transmitter via your computer’s USB port while the headset requires you to include at least 1 triple-a battery.

Watch The Mind Controlled UFO in action [HERE] or visit [THIS PAGE] for other important information.

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