The Mimicking Slow Talking Sloth – repeats anything you say in a comically cartoon-like drawl

The Mimicking Slow Talking Sloth (available here) is your kids perfect toy simply because this talking sloth is capable of repeating almost anything your kids will say of course in a ludicrous and cartoon-like lazy way.

Thanks to this uniquely designed plush sloth equipped with an integrated microphone hidden properly so kids will not be able to spot it yet records religiously whatever your kids words so the sloth can repeat them back to your kids without any problem.

Slow Talking Sloth

The Mimicking Slow Talking Sloth

Besides its recording function, this slow talking plush slot even comes with a moving eyes and mouth that moves synchronously as it speaks.

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Slow Talking Sloth1

The Mimicking Slow Talking Sloth is very comfortable to touch so kids can also enjoy that gentle hugs every time and best of all, it already sports a nice and colorful hoodie with ‘slot mode’ marking and best of all, it only weighs 1.5lbs and measures only 113/4x8x71/4 inches in height, width and diameter just perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above.

You can buy this plush sloth kind of the laid-back animal that lives in a tree for only $44.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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