The Mickey Mouse Wonderland Raceway – A playset that encourages motor skill development

Looking for a perfect playset that will help your kids develop their motor skills? Give them the Mickey Mouse Wonderland Raceway, a uniquely designed Mickey Mouse play set equipped with talking car and different interactive activities to keep kids not just busy but at the same time help them develop their motor skills.

This Wonderland Raceway playset allows Mickey Mouse to cruise thru the course simply by spinning in a roundabout, going thru an elevator straight to the castle’s top and even races down the ramp where Donald Duck was sailing.

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Mickey Mouse Wonderland Raceway

Mickey Mouse Wonderland Raceway

The Raceway playset also includes a Ferris Wheel capable of accommodating Mickey’s car, it even comes with a traffic gate for extra security.

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Mickey Mouse Wonderland Raceway 1

This Raceway has 5 special locations that will allow your kids to enjoy with Mickey partnered with all the talking, singing and playing of music as Mickey’s car explore different locations. The playset only measures 44x18x17 inches and only weighs 4.5lbs.

You can buy the raceway playset for $79.95.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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